The Day YOU left

I broke inside.. a part of me you took away with yourself. I wish I had the chance to stop you or make things right again.

Breakups hurt. But what hurt more is you won’t be able to have that right on that person ever again. You won’t be able to call them “Mine”.
Jatin Saini you made me feel like the worst person alive on this earth. The way you broke me, tortured me, hurt me and then left me dying alone. I can’t explain the feeling in words.
You were my life, I trusted you more than anything. You left for some other girl just because I don’t look good or maybe because I am fat.
Does that make me deserve the torture you did to me?
I am not the same person now. You left and took away a part of me and I suddenly changed. I won’t be able to love anyone again. I won’t be able to trust people now. I won’t be able to smile with all the passion.
My only fault was to love you. Love you more than you deserve. Maybe I got the punishment of loving a person like you.
The last time I saw you, You turned back and waved Goodbye to me. I died at that time because I knew I won’t be able to have you in my life from now onwards.
You seemed so relaxed and happy. My world turned upside down and I wasn’t aware of the pain I will have to face.
I am living and I am putting that smile on my face. But only I know how hard it is for me now to die with each heartbeat I feel.
I wish You get to feel the pain I am going through because of you. I wish someday you get to know about the love I had for you. And you realize your mistake of making me suffer like this.
We will cross paths again one day and then you will regret the mistake of losing me.

I Accept Me

I am just another person for everyone, maybe special to some and maybe not. I act abnormal sometimes, I turn into a psychopath, I am crazy but in spite of having many intolerable qualities, I love people and respect them from my heart.

I don’t fool around like some people do. I don’t break anyone’s trust. I don’t use anyone for my benefit. I may say many harsh things on your face, I might not accept you as my friend or anything but at least I don’t fake it.

I am just an open book anyone can read. But it takes only a caring person to know me well. I hate liars and I don’t tolerate nuisance from anyone. I speak my mind when I feel like, I might not be right always. But yes it takes guts to speak what you feel in front of everyone.

Yes I am a rebellious soul. I don’t tolerate anything wrong happening to me or in front of me. Yes I am weak at times. Who isn’t? I break during bad times, I seek for help. But that doesn’t make me a weak girl or a girl you don’t want to talk to ever.

Each one of us had those bad days when we felt like getting help from others or even felt this worse that we thought of dying. Does that mean you should stay away from me?

I put my feelings, my thoughts on my Facebook timeline. Because maybe people don’t has time to listen to me directly.  I break at times, cry like a small child, get stubborn also. Does that make me any different from being a good girl? Oh I might not be a good girl for you just because I speak up my mind all the time.


It takes the lot of guts to accept your weaknesses and declare them in front of the world. And I am proud that I do this each time. I have transparency in my life and don’t feel like hiding anything. I don’t care what people think of me, whether they make fun of me or my feelings.  I don’t need anyone to accept me. I am just like any other normal girl who is strong enough to handle herself, it is just she needs love and care.

It will not matter who hate me, who just don’t like me enough because I accept ME. The full version, that psychopath, abnormal, crazy, arrogant human being who love people and trust them without any mind games. Coz She got the heart to love.

Yes I accept ME. I accept those people in my life who are there to love me, understand me, care for me without thinking about the things I do when I am at my worst.

You are my life

Yes I heard people saying that in movies and in real life too. But what makes a difference this time is I am saying it from all my heart and I am gonna prove this by waiting for you my whole life.

It may sound stupid to you and to even others, but I am this old fashioned that I am gonna wait for you till my last breath. I have never loved anyone this much ever. I am not gonna love anyone more than this. I am not gonna let anyone take your place.
The times we were together, be it 1 month only or in real few days, I lived my life. Those days were the best of my life and those memories I am gonna cherish for all my life. Yes people will call me stupid. But who cares?
You gonna marry someone someday, gonna have children. You will forget me I am aware of that. But you will be alive in me. Every time my heart is going to beat, it will be for you.
I know I wasn’t the good girlfriend. You regret your decision of talking to me. But one thing I want to say to you is, I loved you very much and I will keep on loving you. Yes I had problems in my life. Yes I went into depression, but all I needed was your love and support.
My only regret will be that You never understood me. I made mistakes, even you did that. But we were meant to support each other in bad times. Well No one can blame anyone in life. You did what was right for you. And I am doing what is right for You again.
As I know, You hate me this much that you don’t wish to see my face ever in life. You don’t wish to hear from me again. You don’t want my long texts and calls ever. I am exactly going to do it.
You asked me to leave you if I ever loved you.
You are my life bae. Your happiness is always a priority for me. Even if this means leaving you. I wish you all the success and good things in life. May you get a beautiful wife who will support you in everything. May all your problems vanish away.
Just remember one thing, someone is going to miss you like hell. Someone will be waiting for you to comeback atleast once. Someone is going to pray for your well being and happiness.
And that Someone…. Loves you more than anything in life.
Be blessed.


Guzre jo lamhe saath tumhare

Kaise bhulenge hum unh ko ab

Mili jo khushiyan tumse

Janein milengi dubara kab

Zindagi ko jeene layak banaya tumne

Hum toh the tute jane kab

Tumhare karzdaar banein hain hum kuch yun

Chahe mango jaan humari

Shikwa na karenge tumse hum.